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Detecto 758C Digital Weight Indicator

Detecto digital medical scales come standard with the enhanced 758C weight display. The new 758C includes a standard serial port for data output to a printer or a PC-based EMR (electronic medical record) software program. With the new time/date feature, the scale can send the weight, time, date, BMI (Body Mass Index), and height directly to a printer or a PC. New black ABS plastic end caps have been added to the 758C further improving the overall appearance of each scale.
Detecto 758C

The ability to print or save weight data with the 758C is a real time saving device for clinics, doctor's offices, long-term care facilities, and other medical institutions. For example, in long-term care facilities and nursing homes, the assessment of patients' weight is crucial to reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid. Monitoring and documenting of weight is also important to renal departments, weight loss clinics, and other specialized departments.

758C Indicator Specifications
Display: Liquid Crystal, Reflective Type
Enclosure: Painted steel
Keypad: 19 key, color-coded, sealed membrane
BMI Range: 15.0 - 60.0
Height Range: 3 to 7 ft / 90 to 215 cm
Sensitivity 1.2 µV/d
Resolution: 5,000 divisions, maximum
Accuracy: Class III
Power: 6 "C" size Alkaline or Nickel-Cadium cells (not included) or optional AC adapter.
Temperature Range: +14 to +104 °F / -10 to +40 °C

print BMI, weight, time, and date
SEND DATA TO PC (see below)
excellent for medical record keeping

The hyperterminal displays weight data from Detecto's 758C weight indicator.
Weight data is captured by hyperterminal on your PC. This data can be used to assist a customer in collecting and parsing the weight information.
1G 133.6lb
1G 133.6lb
1GM 173.6lb
1GM 213.4lb
1G 213.4lb
1G 213.4lb
1G 253.4lb
1G 253.4lb
1GM 293.2lb
1G 293.2lb
1GM 173.4lb
1G 173.4lb
1G 173.4lb
1G 133.6lb
1G 133.6lb
1GM 93.6lb
1G 93.6lb
1G 93.6lb
1G 213.4lb


Part Number
6800-1045 AC Adapter for 758C or 750
DIS-2 Digital Indicator Stand (45"H)
8555-B310-08 Serial Cable





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